Hi! Just wanted to post some information on our collaboration with Onyx, Culture Kombucha; as well as announce we will be vendors at Yoga on the Mountain 2016!

 Cultures is a series Onyx is leading with us and other local businesses to curate weird and exciting products focused on fermentation. Our kombucha in this series is a barrel-aged cascara kombucha! It is delicious and pairs really well with spicy food, or date-nights. We will have a limited amount of the 22-ounce bottles for sale at Moniker, so get them while they last!

 Yoga on the Mountain is a yoga retreat weekend at Mount Magazine. There will be classes of all styles going on throughout each day, as well as seminar style classes for learning and growth. We will be serving our Iron Goddess of Mercy kombucha on tap, and we will also have a variety of cans available to keep all you yogis hydrated and happy!


Love and peace,